Southampton School District Goals



As approved on June 26, 2017 

Goal #1:

The superintendent will lead the administrative team, lead teachers, and Readers’ Workshop consultants in developing an action plan to guide the successful implementation of the Readers’ Workshop (Guided Reading Program) in grades K-5 to address student achievement pertaining to literacy. During the 2017-2018 school year, the pilot program for Readers’ Workshop will be implemented. By June 2018, two (2) sections at each grade level will have implemented Readers’ Workshop. Implementation will include benchmarking, a tiered Student Growth Objective for pilot teachers, transition to a standards based report card pertaining to reading, ongoing professional development for the K-5 teaching staff, and a plan developed to train teachers not piloting the program. 

Goal #2:

The superintendent will lead the administrative team in developing a comprehensive action plan to guide the district in the enhancement of the I-STEAM initiative. By June 2018, “Southampton Spark” (Genius Hour) will have been successfully piloted in grades 2-5, a new unit of study related to I-STEAM will be developed and implemented in the middle school, further modifications pertaining to the School #2/#3 I-STEAM Lab will be completed, and the School #1 Computer Lab will be converted into an I-STEAM Lab.

Goal #3:
The superintendent and administrative team will develop a comprehensive action plan to guide a review of the Response to Intervention (RtI) program, a review of the Intervention and Referral System (I&RS) and to effect revisions to enhance RtI and I&RS. By June 2018, the I&RS Teams will be re-trained, 100% of the teaching staff will participate in refresher training pertaining to the RtI and I&RS process / procedures, and there will be a 20% reduction in the number of students being referred to the Child Study Team.