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Mr. Ronald Nober - School #3 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mr. Ron Nober our 2017 School #3 Teacher of the Year!

Mr. Nober came to the Southampton School District as a student teacher in the fall of 2011. We quickly realized what a natural and diverse teacher he was and hired him as a 3rd grade teacher in 2012. Mr. Nober moved to fifth grade and taught there for three years before becoming our Technology Teacher for grades 3-8 in 2015. Mr. Nober has a passion for education and technology and instills that passion in his students each and every day.

Mr. Nober is a certified Project Lead the Way teacher and has written six STAR Grants that have greatly benefited our students and curriculum. These STAR Grants include a 5th grade field trip to the Churchville Nature Center, Media Club Radio Station equipment, Engineering supplies, and a 3D printer. Mr. Nober is also the Media Club Advisor, Lego-Engineering Club Advisor, and Technology Club Assistant.

Mr. Nober is seen as the “go to” technology person for teachers and administrators. He has run several workshops for teacher on Google Classroom and even offers his colleagues office hours where they go see him for tech questions and support.   Mr. Nober has been an amazing addition to our teaching staff and has moved our technology curriculum in a very exciting direction.

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Mrs. Theresa Gerber - 2017 School #2 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Terry Gerber our School #2 Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Gerber has been a teacher in the Southampton School District for 35 years.  She has taught in all of our schools at multiple grade levels.  Currently she is a Response to Intervention teacher for grades 3-8 in both Math and Language Arts.  Mrs. Gerber has been in the RtI program since its inception and has been a driving force in the development of the program.  She is a member of the School #3 I&RS Committee and currently is working in the Reading afterschool Program in School #1.

Mrs. Gerber has a passion for combining mindfulness with academics.  She studied this as part of a Professional Learning Community with her colleagues.  Mrs. Gerber continues to utilize her findings to support students in the classroom.  She is a valued resource for staff and administration. 

Mrs. Gerber has written several STAR grants to support student learning.  She is active in our Renaissance Program that recognizes both students and faculty.  We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated teacher as a member of our staff. 

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Ms. Miranda Fasler - 2017 School #1 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ms. Fasler our School # 1 Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Fasler has taught in Southampton for eleven years. During the first nine years of her tenure in our district Ms. Fasler taught third grade. The 2016-2017 school year is Ms. Fasler's second year as a kindergarten teacher.

Her effervescent personality, enthusiasm and love of teaching have benefited our kindergarten students from the start. Her lessons are creative and fun, as evidenced by her using music and singing as a component of her teaching repertoire. 

Her teaching colleagues are able to rely on her supportive input and she has become an important part of the kindergarten team. Some of her colleagues have pointed out that they have seen great things going on in her classroom in the way she teaches math and makes it fun. They enjoy seeing her enthusiasm and love for teaching.

Ms. Fasler is also one of the instructors for the Drama club. Her students really enjoy and benefit from her enthusiastic coaching, enabling their characters to “come to life” on stage.

Ms. Fasler has also applied for and been awarded a STAR grant to obtain projection equipment which will enhance the drama club experience not only for the students, but for the audience as well. Congratulations to Ms. Fasler for being our School 1 standout!

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